<ARIA> Maniadis k. Evaggelos

“ARIA” company established in 1960. At that period Mr. Evaggelos Maniadis was making exports of sheepskin in Russia. At that date in Crete people sheared sheep’s and did thread. With the passage of time, the second generation of Konstandinos E. Maniadis designed and produced in proprietary Argalias fabrics such as curtains for the largest Hotels in Greece. An export continued in more countries, between them was Germany.

Today the third generation Mr. Evaggelos K. Maniadis continues to expand company “ARIA”.
Nowadays “ARIA” company is recognized as a metropolitan casual life-style brand for tourists. It contributes to creating the image of a global enterprise that in research, in designs and projected towards the future, emphasizing its principal and most important characteristic: Uniqueness!

The aim of “ARIA” is to provide original and high quality fashion accessories. The links of our success are the people, products and the service offered to the customers.
“ARIA” Company has become one of the largest and the leading suppliers of fashion worldwide. All “ARIA” products are made bearing in mind all modern color-style and fashion flows and trends. The range of products offered by “ARIA” consists of different models of bags, caps, hats and oil paintings.

“ARIA” creates constant partnerships from 1960 from generation to generation. That makes “ARIA” to be in top positions of fashion Accessories around the world.

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